COMING SOON - Exchange Street.  A short film about jealousy, possessiveness and psychological domestic abuse. 

Tagline - Phil has suspected his wife might be cheating on him for a while, but hiring a male escort to catch her out, may not deliver the answer he's expecting.

Currently in post-production, but find out more on imdb here.  Check out some behind the scenes photos and film snapshots below.

Cast:  Phil - Ivan Wilkinson.  Jeremy - Duncan Woodruff.  Helen - Alex Kapila 

Past films

Scene 1 from short story, The Crossing

Cast:  Mark - Lee Bane.  Holly - Victoria John.  Little Boy - Ben Gonzalez.

Crew:  Producer - Sam Price.  Director/Writer - Tina Barnes.  DOP - Viv Thomas.  Sound - Joe Barker.  Make up - Chanelle Lai.  Art Dept Supervisor - Brooke Sier.  Costume - Steph Doel.  Costume Assistant - Sophie Wynn-Owen.  Runner - Amorette Darby.  Editor - Ally Parkhurst.  Grading - Rupert Booth.  Stills - Rachel Taylor.